Rural Management & Development Department : In a Nutshell

The Rural Management and Development Department has played a very important role in the development and progress of rural Sikkim. The nomenclature from RDD to RM&DD was changed through a government notification vide No. 45/HOME/2004 dated 24/5/2004.

While the erstwhile RDD worked mostly on the developmental aspect of rural Sikkim, the RM&DD has been given the further responsibility of development and management of the of welfare initiatives in rural Sikkim. In a state where the economy chiefly depends on agriculture and tourism, the RM&DD has been working diligently toward translating the visions into reality and has successfully managed to achieve the goals set for the state.

The recognition received by the state over the years has been achieved through meticulous planning, initiatives, innovations and most of all an understanding of the land and its people. The Government’s vision in alleviating poverty from the brows of the poorest of the poor in rural Sikkim has been translated to action by the department and the department has succeeded to a large extent. Tremendous ground work has been done to bring about a paradigm shift in the approach to poverty alleviation and bring about self reliance in the rural areas.