Sl. No. Circular  Title Date of Circular
1 Solid waste management 26/09/2019 Circular
2 Punctuality of Personnel 14/06/2019 circular
 3 (BDO/AD(P)/Panchayat Inspector under substantiative capacity empowered to sign cheque as joint signatory for their respective blocks along with Panchayat Sabhapati of GPU 06/08/2021  Circular
4 Unauthenticated Complaint from public pertaining to SGAY 06/08/2021  Circuar
 5 District Office issuing Transfer Order of the Employee without referring to Adm. section of RDD Head Office 27/01/2021   Circular
 5 Swachhta Hi Sewa 20/09/2022 circular.pdf
 5 Uniformity in text size and font in reports and ppt 16/03/2023 circular.pdf