With 75% of the people living in villages, the focus of the government has continuously been to improve and uplift the lives of the people living in rural parts of Sikkim. The consistent efforts and pro poor policies of the government have made remarkable strides in alleviating rural poverty. The poverty rate in Sikkim has come down by 33.43% in the past 22 years. With heightened efforts, the vision of the state government making Sikkim “Poverty Free State” by 2019 is well on its way of completion. The pace of overall growth also has accelerated over the last decade and today Sikkim stands proudly as a jewel in the crown of the country.The progress has been made because of the holistic approach towards development by the state government. Several milestones have been achieved in every sector including tourism, environment, power generation, empowerment, sanitation, housing, electrification, assuaging poverty, self reliance, rural connectivity and economic prosperity. Pro environment and pro development, which have been the hallmark of the incumbent government has truly been implemented at ground levels.The development and welfare initiatives undertaken in rural areas have been further given fillip over the years. This has brought about a perceptible change in the lives of people in the villages. The government has also worked diligently to transform their vision
into reality through the policies and programs implemented at ground levels. The result has been that there has been a great stimulus towards self reliance in rural Sikkim thereby mitigating the issues faced by the rural poor.

Development activities have been continued and accelerated with great vigor in the villages across Sikkim and greater opportunities have been placed in the hands of the people of rural Sikkim through innovative initiatives to encourage self sustainability. Also there has been a renewed vigor in the youth of rural Sikkim who through the various skill based training opportunities provided by the government and the department have taken up trades and professions which not only give them opportunities of employment but also provide them a platform to employ others too. The development has been complemented by flagship programs which take care of the basic amenities of rural lifestyle including rural connectivity, rural housing, rural sanitation and provision for safe drinking water.

Towards furthering the cause of development in Sikkim, there have been several missions which have been working on ground at a war footing mode. Of these, the state government and the department endeavors to make Sikkim “Katcha House Free State” by 2019, 100% Rural Connectivity by 2020, Mission Poverty Free State by 2020 and provide 100% water supply to the remotest parts of Sikkim by 2022. These missions are milestones for the state government and the department to continuously and consistently strive for the betterment of Sikkim and the people of Sikkim.