Help & FAQ


1. About Official website of Rural Development Department.

The Official Website of the Rural Development Department has been maintained by the Rural Development Department, Govt. of Sikkim.The objective behind the website is to provide a   single window access to the information and services being provided by the department for the citizens and other   stakeholders. This Website also educates about the rights of the citizens, benefits and schemes offered by the   department as well as the eligibility requirements for availing those benefits. The content in this Portal is the result   of a collaborative effort of Information Technology department and Rural Development Department. It is our   endeavor to continue the enhancement and enrichment of this website in terms of content coverage, design and   technology on a regular basis.

2. What are the different e-services provided through the department website?

The various e- services provided by the department are: online ST, SC, OBC, and Unmarried Certificates.

3. Is the website disability friendly?


4. Customized Text Size – The size of the text on the web pages is customizable. The users will be able to increase or decrease the size of the text as per their requirement

5. Adjust Contrast Theme – The State Portal has been developed with different themes to enable users with       visual  impairments, vision and color blindness to view the  web pages information with ease.

6. Where can I submit feedbacks?
We would appreciate your valuable feedback regarding your experience in availing the features in this Portal. You   can submit your feedbacks and suggestions by filling up the form by following the path:


 7. Do you have a mobile application for the Website?

We don’t have mobile app for this website.

8. Where can i find notification and circulars?
The users will be able to find the notification and circulars by following this path: Homepage > Latest Updates >         Notification/ Circulars.

9. Where can i find important functionaries?

We can find it on the header menu.

10. Where can i find contacts?

We can find it by following path: Support> Contact Us